Resource Management

Design of resource management solutions and creation of ecosystem-based data sets that characterize the land base and it’s natural resources.


Forest Management Planning

We help our clients develop long-term forest management strategies that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. We use innovative tools and technologies to promote sound decision-making.

Web Application Development

We specialize in developing customized forest management solutions and advanced operational planning tools. We work with our clients to create solutions within a seamless web-based application that enables users to visualize and asess their operations from their mobile phone or laptop.

Operational Harvest Planning

We develop custom solutions that optimize harvesting operations. We use ground-based data, high-resolution imagery, and use precise data to prepare operational plans.

Strategic Planning

We develop strategic management plans that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. No matter the size and scope of the project, our team of professionals work to develop high-quality plans for our clients.

Resource Inventory

We use high-resolution imagery, soft-copy interpretation techniques and automated analytical tools to develop digital inventories of natural resources. We develop customized resource inventory tools and design web-based GIS reporting applications to deliver resource data to end-users.

Remote Sensing

We process and manage remotely sensed data, analyze the results, and develop customized reporting tools using web-based applications